We provide state of the art solutions to display video and high speed recording in sync with high frequency data for industrial and research applications. Our HTML-5 player supports both H264 (Mp4) and Mjepg codecs, both for client server streaming requirements as well as for stand alone applications. Our multimedia visualisations solutions are used to analyse high frequency data along side – high speed – video recordings and include unique co-viewing and collaboration options to share, tag and analyse complex data resources by multiple users.

    Key characteritsics of this HTML5 solution are:

    • Serverside data resampling / adaptive data and video streaming
    • High-speed video support
    • Accurate time stamps with synchronised clocks
    • Video speed controls
    • HTML-5 player
    • Mjpeg and H264 support
    • Data and video synchronisation
    • Frame by frame navigation
    • Unique multiscreen tagging, sharing and co-viewing support

    Download a PDF brochure about our metadata visualizations or contact us to learn more.