Digital data visualization makes it possible to explore large data sets in engaging and aesthetic ways. We provide ways to visualize complex data sets where video materials are combined with one or more complementary data sources. As good visualizations should not only communicate the information clearly, but stimulate engagement as well, we also provide means to interact with the visualizations. Our tools enable synchronizing data with video recordings as well as comparison of data sets in a way that also accommodates for lower bandwidths.

    Our video metadata visualizations services include:

    • Media Asset Management and workflow support
    • Secure streaming delivery over RTMP and HTTP
    • Synchronization of multiple data channels over high latency networks (Binary, ASCII, video and audio)
    • Different views on data (overviews/details, high/low resolution)
    • Support for slow motion and high speed video data
    • Automatically generated summaries based on metadata

    Download a PDF brochure about our metadata visualizations or contact us to learn more.