Video is a powerful medium for learning and training. Videos enable sharing of visual and tacit knowledge, and can be used for creating engaging learning materials. With our Video Training Tool both educators and students can work on existing video collections or produce video recordings of their own. Recordings are valuable, not only in communicating ideas and creating a personal feel, but also in reflecting and giving feedback on performance, such as playing an instrument. Our Video Training Tool supports a range of pedagogical tasks from analysis and reflection to assessment, and can be integrated into existing e-learning environments.

    Our Video Training Tool services include:

    • ­Secure environment for video collections
    • ­Versatile access management for users and groups
    • ­Live video recording
    • ­Tools for analyzing and commenting videos at fragment level
    • ­Presentation templates for video based learning materials
    • ­Publishing tools for learning materials and assignments
    • Feedback and follow up tools for learning processes
    • ­Easy integration to e-­learning environments
    • ­Support for multiple video collections (e.g. YouTube, custom collections)
    • ­Multiscreen solutions for group learning and social interaction.

    Please contact us to learn more about our Video Training Tool.