To allow for the creation of interesting stories from a large collection of videos, Noterik developed the so called Exhibition Builder. The Builder gives user the opportunity to create online exhibitions using video clips, pictures, audio and documents selected from a large collection of media items.

    The Builder offers page templates with different layouts and various visual themes for tailoring the look of an exhibition. Media items, such as video clips, can be easily placed on the pages and complemented with text and links. With the help of the annotation editor a user can also bookmark a specific fragment of a clip, and insert a direct link to this fragment. The Builder automatically creates  an introductory page as well as a list of sources used in the exhibition. Check out our demonstration movie of this tool.

    The Exhibition Builder is used in the EUscreen project to make comprehensive story-lines about historical events, political debates and subjects like Being European. To explore exhibitions curated by researchers and content providers from across Europe, please visit the Exhibitions section of the  EUscreen portal.

    Please contact us to learn more about the Exhibition Builder!