Our WebTV platform offers the possibility to create videos with a personal message, for instance a Valentines Day video, which contains a personal message for the receiver.

    In technical terms, the creation of the personalized videos can be done in two ways. The first method is based on a template video, which contains time-slots for showing a personal message. The template video is stored in our WebTV platform, and our time-based file-system (Smithers) is used in combination with our video playback application (Krusty) for displaying the personal message on top of the video. Personalized data such as a greeting can be generated manually by a user, or automatically using for instance an integrated CRM system, which provides the names of the people that will receive the video message. An alternative method for creating personalized videos involves recording video in different locations and using RFID tags for identifying those parts of the recording where a certain person appears, as has been done in the case of MyVidayo.