Noterik is an Amsterdam based company developing multiscreen apps that innovate social interaction. We transform smartphones into remotes and central screens into visualisations controlled by an audience. Whether it is an exhibit of digital art or a group presentation, we rethink the interaction and develop apps that create an engaging experience. Download here a pdf profile of Noterik in EN or NL

Our tools enable:

  • Smart tagging of video fragments
  • Creation of stories and presentations based on video fragments
  • Integration of video with other data (download brochure)
  • Social interaction with and through video
  • Mobile interfaces such as touch screen tablets
  • Building and prototyping multiscreen video applications (download brochure)

Our tools are being used in various fields including publishing, education, broadcasting, research and cultural heritage. We are an international and forward looking company, always searching for new kinds of stories to be told with video. Working with the latest technologies and standards, we are also eager to share our work with a wider community of developers and publish our code in open source.

In addition to software we offer consultancy and workshops for formulating video related concept ideas and use cases within your field of interest. Our multiscreen toolkit also provides an environment for easy prototyping of video applications.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.