Make a multiscreen Cheers together

    Main screen (open this on desktop, put browser full-screen)

    Player Consoles (open this on mobile phone, keep it vertical)

    Github Page

    Instructions on use demo version
    You have to first open the main screen first in order to see a beer filling on the second screen

    The idea is that the main screen is position above the bar and everybody around the bar can scan the QR code and thereby have on their phone a beer filling. This proces of filling the beer is also shown on the main screen. There is also a vibration in place shown on the main screen, so if the second screen move, the beer also moves on the main screen.

    When the beers on all the mobile phones are filled the participants are asked to cheer toghether by moving the phone up in the air. At the moment it shows also a moving up animation on the main screen.