QANDR is a group presentation tool that allow you to create an inspiring event by letting your public interact with the visuals in your presentation. It is build on top of our Multiscreen Toolkit which allow a wide range of browser based interaction between phones and the main presentation screen. Download here a pdf profile of the product in EN or NL.

    QANDR allows you to get valuable feedback from your audience whether you are hosting an event, giving a presentation or attending a business meeting. If you want to know the views of your audience when for instance you are showing a slide, a graph, a picture or holding a strategic meeting, you can easily use QANDR to collect that information. QANDR is not a presenting editor in itself, but rather a nifty tool that can easily be integrated in all your existing means of giving a presentation.

    Since most people nowadays have a smartphone, you as a presenter get a room full of devices to interact with. No need for extra equipment, voting boxes or cables running around your presentation room. A simple WiFi will do, phones can also work with a 3G or 4G connection.

    More information on functionalities and use-cases can be found on our product website. Currently the product offers simple but powerful features such as Polls, Pointers, Word Clouds and a ‘Reveal’ element, but we adding such things as gamification, profiling and statistics. QANDR can be used as an end product, or we can customise the concept, catering to your needs, such as branding, specific game elements, advertising, and more.

    Check-out or contact us if you want to use the product.

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