QANDR as an Add-on for your online meetings

    Even before the Corona era, we were regularly asked whether QANDR can also be used for online meetings – a question that in light of recent developments is rapidly climbing to the top of our QANDR FAQ.  The good news is that this is not only possible but fairly easy as well – which Noterik will be demonstrating in a webinar on that very topic.

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    Since QANDR is entirely web-based, it can also be used online, with moderator and participants connecting remotely, from locations of their choosing. If you are interested in exploring this alternative way of using QANDR, please register yourself for the free webinar and find out for yourself how easy it it can be. Connect with and engage your participants in the same interactive manner that a regular QANDR session provides, even though you are not together in the same physical space.

    Using QANDR in your online environment has several major advantages compared to regular online conferences as well. You can achieve so much more than just passively consuming participants’ video and audio with everybody waiting their turn to talk and little attention for others. QANDR effortlessly involves all participants, allowing you to do a poll, collect opinions using a wordcloud and even make people point at pictures that you bring to the conference. A big plus is also that all responses are stored in the database, giving you an organised report immediately afterwards, containing all the opinions and different viewpoints in visuals in your own branding.

    Register for the free webinar

    Schedule of the 45 minutes webinar 

    • Introduction of all participants in the webinar
    • Experience QANDR modules in an online environment
    • How to use the editor to programme your own QANDR session
    • How to start a session and add the mainscreen to your online environment
    • Tips and tricks for online use of QANDR
    • Time for questions and answers