Human Factor Analysis in the Stageplayer

    Over the past decade, Noterik has specialized in synchronizing, visualizing, and thereby analyzing data streams, particularly for the maritime industry. Under the name Stageplayer (, Noterik has developed, together with MARIN, a tool that matches high-speed video and high-frequency sensor information. With this, specific applications, such as minutely examining the interaction between a model ship and water wave, have been realized.

    External weather conditions such as wave height and wind speed are measurable, but the same is true, to some extent, of human behavior. Sensors that measure factors such as heart rate, temperature and eye movements can be read and produce data streams that can be processed in similar ways. This is an interesting fact, especially in the context of simulation setups that also involve humans, such as a captain who is controlling the ship during the simulation.

    With the help of an MIT funding by the Province of Noord-Holland we did a feasibility study of commercially deploying this concept. In this study we expend the signals to the StagePlayer with real-time behavior analysis on humans to allow detection of stressful situations and high cognitive load. Beside using Human Factor sensors we also analyzed videorecording of faces of people working on the simulation. These human factor analyses were done by FaceReader, a tool developed by VicarVision.

    As part of the project, we also worked with MARIN on customization of the Stageplayer so it fits better with the demands of Human Factor analysis in a simulation environment. The results were encouraging. An impression of this customization can be seen in the video below.

    If you are interested in Human Factor Analysis, do contact us – drop us a line at or call us at +31 (0)20 2401145 (ask for Rutger Rozendal or Joost Baalman).