QandR actively involves local residents

    Noterik is excited to welcome new partner Bureau Buhrs to the QandR community. They are an Amsterdam-based agency that believe involving local stakeholders and residents to be essential for a successful marketing, communication and participation strategy. When Corona was upon us, Marinka van Vliet from Bureau Buhrs was the first to call and ask us whether the tool can also be used online. Yes of course, was our reply which we went on to demonstrate to her team in a webinar the week after.

    QandR always had the potential to be used in the domain of civic participation, being a generic tool that  can effortlessly enhance any type of group discussion. But with the current restrictions, the need for tools that facilitate online meetings, and offer more than just a video call with many participants, has rapidly increased. Fortunately, QandR provides that extra that makes all the difference: connect with participants via their phones, and offer playful interactivity to keep them interested and actively engaged.

    In a recent session, Bureau Buhrs queried Utrecht residents in a digital (online) neighbourhood meeting with the help of QandR. Simple, but effective, and the participants liked it, if the grades they gave in response to one of the QandR questions is anything to go by!

    Check here on page 10 a review of the Gemeente Groningen on the use of QandR for online participation.

    If you are interested in finding out how QandR could contribute to your online meetings, book a demo. Or if you would like to try out QandR yourself right away, sign up for an account.