We provide custom solutions for organizations for establishing, using and managing their online video collections. Our tools enable working together at the level of complete videos or video fragments. Fragment based editing enables for example tagging, publishing or hiding parts of videos. It is also possible to work in parallel with multiple devices like touch screen tablets using our multiscreen toolkit.

    The following WebTV services are available both for big and small projects:

    • Bulk video ingestion
    • Timebased metadata descriptions (media fragments)
    • Search in video collections including fragments
    • Video scrubbing and video image extraction
    • Automatic transcoding to multiple formats
    • Customizable video player
    • Conditional Access
    • Streaming over RTMP and HTTP as well as progressive download
    • Support for mobile devices
    • Easy integration with e-learning environments and content managements systems
    • Inhouse burst streaming capacity of 3 Gbps and partner with AKAMAI and Limelight.

    The WebTV service of our product framework Springfield can be tailored to individual needs and complemented with further tools, such as multiscreen or multiuser support for a particular task.

    Please contact us to learn more about Custom WebTV!