Noterik has worked with various European broadcasters and audiovisual archives in the EUscreen project (2009-2012) and its follow up project EUscreenXL (ongoing). In the core of the projects is the EUscreen portal, which promotes the use of television content and exploration of Europe’s rich and diverse cultural history. The portal provides access to over 40,000 items of TV programs content and information. Interactive functionalities and dynamic links with the Europeana portal are also provided to make the content more accessible and reusable for recreational, academic and educational uses.

    We provide EUscreen with WebTV services such as upload management, portal development, interaction design as well as tools which enable reuse of audiovisual content, such as the Exhibition Builder. The Exhibition Builder was used in the EUscreen project to create online stories from the EUscreen content. Some key aspects of our work in the context of EUscreen:

    • Supporting 17 different Content Providers in publishing their audiovisual content on EUscreen (some use their own streaming infrastructure)
    • Creating advanced filtering options for advanced search through 40.000 items
    • Re-using different media from various providers to create online exhibitions
    • Interaction design in the context of diverse content with 15 different languages