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Creathon for Amsterdam University of Applied Science

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Noterik organised a creathon for the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam or HvA), for its research project More Profit From Data. Using a variety of techniques, including our product QANDR, Noterik brought together the various stakeholders to explore how current second screen applications commissioned and used by several Dutch broadcasters might be improved, Read more…

Listen to the dwarfs of Snow White

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The National Library of Estonia is showing a small MuPop exhibition, revolving around the cultural theme year in Estonia: Children and youth culture. The exhibition enlivens an image from their fairytale illustration collection, featuring Snow White and her inevitable companions, allowing visitors to listen to a variety of songs fitting the characters in the image.

Europeana Space: Exceeding expectations

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The Europeana Space project that Noterik was a proud partner in, was awarded an ‘excellent’ by reviewers today. Moreover, the reviewers described the project as ‘exceeding expectations’. We like to think that this was in no small part due to the massive effort Noterik put in to create the cross-discipline Popup Museum app.

Pop-up exhibitions in Berlin

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On the 21st and 22nd of November we exhibited our first real live MuPop exhibition at the final Europeana Space conference in Berlin. In the course of the conference, quite a number of attendees paid a visit to our installation in the main hall, using their smartphone to interact with the four exhibitions that were Read more…

QANDR tool innovates lecturing at MODUL University

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Students pointing on hype cycle

Noterik’s user engagement tool QANDR is being used successfully at the Modul University to innovate this semester’s Bachelor course on New Media and E-Business Applications. Every week, two MODUL assistant professors, Dr Lyndon Nixon and Dr Irem Önder, are using QANDR in parallel to engage two separate groups, with each around 60 students, in a playful manner, by querying Read more…

Pop-Up Museum

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Multiscreen museum installations based on HTML5 Noterik is finding more and more avenues to apply its multiscreen technology, focussed around the powerful concept of connecting mobile devices to larger screens, all just done with using simple HTML5. The latest example of how Noterik technology can be used for rapid development of multiscreen applications is the Read more…

All but excellent

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And so it goes… another Noterik chapter closed to satisfaction, with new chapters on the horizon. The EUScreenXL project that we have been proudly part has run its three year course. Completed in February 2016, the project has now been thoroughly reviewed by the European Commission, and we are happy to report that it has Read more…

Smart TV Apps at Europeana Space Hackathon

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On 25 and 26 February, Noterik participated in an Europeana Space workshop at RBB in Berlin. Together with Sound and Vision we were able to use our MultiScreen Toolkit to develop a small app to view a tour of the Berlin wall on a TV screen, with a smartphone serving as a remote control.

Mecanex kick-off

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On the 13th of January we joined the kick-off meeting of Mecanex, a new European project that Noterik is participating in, the first one under the Horizon 2020 program. As part of this project we will be making further improvements to our MultiscreenToolkit.