Europeana Space: Exceeding expectations

    The Europeana Space project that Noterik was a proud partner in, was awarded an ‘excellent’ by reviewers today. Moreover, the reviewers described the project as ‘exceeding expectations’. We like to think that this was in no small part due to the massive effort Noterik put in to create the cross-discipline Popup Museum app.

    Noterik has a long track record of joining hands with academia in European R&D projects, often as technical partner transforming academic concepts into workable solutions. In this project, we started off in the EuropeanaTV pilot, further developing and refining our multiscreen toolkit in the TV hackathon in May 2015, but branched out to use our technology in other hackathons as well. Towards the end of the project it became apparent that the project needed an integrative app that would demonstrate the various aspects that had been worked on as part of the six thematic pilots. Noterik used this opportunity to propose and develop a tool that remixes the outcomes of the six pilots into one innovative multiscreen product, which can be used to create interactive and integrated virtual exhibitions: the Popup Museum.