Spatial Spotting at Second Screen Seminar

    Noterik got invited to give a presentation at a Second Screen Seminar on the Do’s & Don’ts of 2nd Screen. The seminar is organized by SPOT, which is a Foundation for Television Promotion and the marketing center for Dutch TV advertising.

    Watch here to watch video recordings of the presentation. Click here to download the slides.

    Rutger Rozendal (CEO) talked about Noterik’s experiences with second screen development, and about how the development of such applications is still at early stages. For this reason Rutger encouraged to do prototyping with multiscreen solutions, for example with our Multiscreen Toolkit, to test new formats and concepts before large scale development. This way it is possible to test early on whether the ideas and functionalities work in practice. Co-viewing and collaboration possibilities where also introduced by Rutger along with a demo of our Spatial Spotting Tool.

    About SPOT:

    SPOT was founded in 1995 and it’s main goal is to inform media agencies and advertisers agency on the role of TV as a medium and to initiate innovations in the field of TV shopping and TV broadcasting.

    Learn more about our Multiscreen Development Package (PDF).