Seminar on video in museum exhibitions

    Seminar - video inside museum exhibitions

    Today, most visitors of museums have a smartphone. This offers new possibilities for interaction of visitors within an exhibition. Noterik invites you to a seminar about the way your visitors can use mobile devices to interact with the media elements in your exhibition, especially video. An example is a smartphone that is used to select certain video fragments which are then showed on a bigger screen. Or let visitors tag moments in a video and add their comments. Visitors will be able to see the input of other visitors.

    During the seminar we will address the following issues:

    • How to identify specific fragments in your video collection.
    • How to facilitate time-based indexing of your collection (search fragments).
    • How to enable visitors to use second screen navigation on a video collection in an exhibition.
    • How to let visitors use a tablet or phone as a remote control of a video presentation shown in an exhibition.
    • Enable spatial tagging on a video collection
    • Create a multiple user-scenario for interacting with a video collection

    Wednesday the 9th of July 2014
    Place: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Time: from 10:00 till 13:00

    A detailed program and the exact location will be mailed to registered participants.

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    To keep it an interactive session we will limit the amount of participants to 12 people.