Review LinkedTV – New LinkedTV player presented

    Photo by Jan Thomsen

    The LinkedTV project had its second project review at Sound & Vision (Beeld en Geluid) where the project reviewers were joined by EU project officer Thomas Kuepper to assess the progress within the LinkedTV project.

    Noterik presented the work performed on the Multiscreen Toolkit and a version of the LinkedTV player that was built using the toolkit. On the whole all reviewers were very satisfied with the work achieved by all partners and can definitely see the potential of the LinkedTV system. They ended up qualifying LinkedTV as a “Very good project“. In the third year Noterik is on schedule to further extend the multiscreen toolkit and is ready to support other partners within the project to build their own applications using the toolkit.

    Click here for a demo video showing how our Second Screen application is used by the German Television Broadcaster RBB.