E-Coaching for Juvenile Offenders

    September 2014
    July 2015

    E-Coaching is an innovative methodology directed at changing the behaviour of juvenile offenders. It uses an advanced system to send automated text and video messages to their mobile phones. The content of the messages is personalised, based on risk and protective factors, goals, preferences, interests and background. This approach aims at complementing existing methods of the Juvenile Probation Service by increasing its effectiveness at a minimal cost. E-Coaching fits well within the context of regular supervision and penalties imposed such as community service and behavioural interventions.


    E-Coaching is a joint initiative of Noterik and Impact R&D. The Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice has provided a grant to develop and test a prototype of the E-coaching concept for a small group of juveniles currently under supervision of the Juvenile Probation Service. Noterik is responsible for the technical implementation of the messaging system that has been nicknamed ‘Sarah’. The messaging between the system and participants is done using a combination of SMS-messaging and web content. SMS messages are sent and received using the SMS-gateway API of Informaxion.