QandR used in conference in Bulgaria

    Noterik’s tool QandR was used in Bulgaria during the conference “Non-formal learning for employability” in Sofia. The event was part of an Erasmus+ project realised by Bulgarian and Romanian NGOs. With over 60 participants joining in, QandR once again demonstrated it not only flourishes in small focus groups, but is equally useful in larger, plenary sessions.

    Trainers, teachers, youth workers, representatives of non-government organizations and business came together in Muzeiko Sofia to explore models for intervention in the field of competence development for young people, with the aim of increasing their prospects in the labour market.

    For over 2 hours, 60 professionals shared their opinions and good practices in the field of non-formal education. QandR was instrumental in facilitating a deep and interesting discussion in the Bulgarian language. Its inclusive interaction model, where participants join and give their responses anonymously via their phones, not only persuaded people to talk freely, but also kept them engaged and focused, keeping the conversation interesting for the entire duration.