QANDR used at Twitch Hackathon

    On April 21st-22nd, this year’s two days of summer in Amsterdam, we decided to stay indoors and play video games for science during a Twitch Hackathon. Students from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences with their partners, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Noterik, Ex machina and Bulbagarden, spent the weekend hacking new interactions for live video as a part of a two year research project, Meer Profijt uit Data (More value from data). This research project focuses on ways to gain more value from the data that live broadcasts generate and to learn how to transition to a data driven business model. 

    The Challenge

    We challenged the teams to create a new interaction between the streamers and viewers. Of course we needed streamers and a channel to test it all. Our friends at Bulbagarden worked with an international team to keep a stream going for 41 hours and 6 minutes! During that period they had 24,952 unique viewers from around the world


    We ended up with three prototypes in various stages of completion:

Battle Twitch, a new way to play together
    • Collaborative gaming and hosting clips like Instagram stories
    • Crowd sourced challenges (winner!)

    Apart from the expert judgement by the hackathon jury, everybody in the audience was also given the opportunity to rate the pitches using Noterik’s group discussion tool QANDR. You can view the output of the QANDR interactions here.

    It was great to see how during the weekend people with different areas of expertise worked closely together and how each team got into the hackathon rhythm of brainstorming, testing and adjusting their prototypes on the Bulbagarden games stream.