QANDR scaling up with MARE and Smidswater

    We have been working on QANDR for three years now and we are happy to announce that use of QANDR is clearly scaling up. This last month we started new white-label partnerships, and existing clients clearly show increased usage of QANDR. Furthermore we added advanced features, such as sharing projects with colleagues at other locations.

    This summer, Amsterdam based research company MARE became a QANDR enterprise user. MARE specialises in future-proof qualitative research and we are very happy to have them on board. Furthermore, the The Hague based creative agency Smidswater also decided to take advantage of intuitive smartphone interactions during the co-creation sessions that they are offering.

    In the meantime, as our existing partnerships are maturing, we see a distinct growth of the adoption rate in QANDR user statistics. Moderators are using the web-based editor to insert smartphone assignments inside their projects and the QANDR dashboard enables them to share projects with colleagues that conduct sessions at other locations.

    Driven by our launching customer Motivaction, October was a good month with 6 projects and more than 32 sessions conducted internationally in places like London, Hamburg and Brussels. As all these sessions took advantage of the visual reporting that QANDR offers, it is fair to say that in October alone QANDR has saved 60 odd hours of trying to assemble barely legible post-it notes into meaningful reports.