REDC makes QandR fly

    Noterik is proud to have signed up prominent Irish research agency RED C Research as a corporate QandR client. They wasted no time and have deployed QandR in a large project with sessions in three major US cities, running focus groups on travel and vacationing of North Americans in Europe.

    RED C is Ireland’s premier provider of research-based consultancy services.  Founded in 2003, they provide high quality research based consultancy services to both blue chip and up and coming businesses across Ireland, the UK and Worldwide.
    In these American sessions, respondents in Boston, Chicago and New York were able to provide valuable qualitative insights how they experience travelling to Europe and what is important to them. Using QandR’s unique pointing technique, respondents could instantly and intuitively indicate their positions in a range of quadrants (with four opposing aspects). QandR’s ability to combine the results of the separate focus group sessions  into new visuals further enhanced the insights and provided added value to RED C’s reporting to their clients.