QandR allows you to create an inspiring discussion based on visuals that can be modified by everybody that is attending the meeting. QandR is build on top of our Multiscreen Toolkit which allow a wide range of browser based interaction between phones and the main presentation screen. Download here a pdf profile of the product in EN or NL.

    Group discussions are an integral part of everybody’s working environment but organising them effectively can be a real challenge. Groups larger than 5 people have the tendency to become inefficient as participants have to wait their turn to speak and it is hard to get a quick overview of the different opinions in the room. The traditional verbal conversational flow triggers only the sense of hearing while people could also use their eyes to comprehend the dimensions of a topic and intuitively use fingers movements to express their opinion. Allowing participants to instantly show their point of view radically improves the dynamics of the meeting.

    Since most people nowadays have a smartphone, a facilitator of a discussion gets a room full of devices to interact with. No need for extra equipment, voting boxes or cables. A simple WiFi will do, phones can also work with a 3G or 4G connection.

    More information on functionalities and use-cases can be found on our product website. A good use-case description for the use in focus group settings can be found on the website of our partner Motivaction.

    Currently the product offers powerful features such as Dilemma’s, Word Clouds, Polls, Gradings, Quadrants, Ratings, Pointers, and a ‘Reveal’ element, but we adding such things as gamification, profiling and statistics. QandR can be used as an end product, or we can customise the concept, catering to your needs, such as branding, specific game elements, advertising, and more.

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