Our Multiscreen Toolkit answers to the growing need to be able to interact seamlessly across devices and screens. The toolkit is based on HTML5 and provides a basis for building and prototyping a wide range of multiscreen solutions. Examples of applications include second screen applications for watching enriched TV programs and collaborative learning tools.

    The Multiscreen Toolkit provides the following:

    • Support for multiple screens and devices on all major browsers, iOS and Android
    • Support for multiple users and groups
    • Different interaction modes (Web UI, remote control, touch screen)
    • Options to port functionalities into a HbbTV application
    • Options to play video and related content on different screens
    • Options to easily move content across screens, devices and users
    • Advanced video navigation using a secondary screen
    • Bookmarking and sharing of videos, fragments and related content
    • Chat while watching videos
    • Personalization options
    • Support for different video collections (e.g. YouTube, custom collections)

    The Multiscreen Toolkit enables easy prototyping of concept and interface ideas in the early phases of design in order to find the best solutions. The source code of the Toolkit is published on Github, allowing external developers to use the product in their own way. External parties can also use running services (on the Noterik cluster) within their own systems using our APIs. Noterik offers also consultation and workshops for developing multiscreen solutions for your field of interest. Learn more about our Multiscreen Development Package (pdf download).

    See a demo movie showing how our Multiscreen Toolkit is used with the LinkedTV project.

    Please contact us to learn more about the Multiscreen Toolkit!