With close to two decades experience in research & development of cutting edge technology, we are driven by innovation. Our Multiscreen Toolkit is a simple yet powerful tool that can easily blend your data with your smartphone, tablet and/or computer resulting in an interactive model with real added value. This technology is especially useful when rapid development and prototyping is required and is ideally suited to the hackathon format. Read more about it in this pdf brochure.



Is your organisation facing certain issues, are you looking for insight into existing processes or perhaps looking for innovative and possibly disruptive technology? A hackathon can deliver some amazing results over a short period of time and without allocating huge budget.

The goal of the Hackathon is to come up with a working prototype within the time span of one to three days. Prior to the event, based on the analysis of the available data and the different challenges the organisation faces, we will jointly formulate a number of themes. Based on these themes several teams will be formed consisting of a variety of skill sets both from the company internally and the partnering organisations. Each team will formulate their own business case.



When there is some idea what kind of application is needed, we like to test ideas for feature and user interface solutions with quick and simple methods like paper prototyping. Our Multiscreen Toolkit also enables a more technical prototyping approach where it is possible to build quickly early versions of different features in multiscreen environment.

We like to do prototyping together with clients and partners, as was done in the E-Space project, where we collaborated in two Hackathons (Europeana TV, Photo Hackathon) with our project partners when developing the multiscreen applications. In addition to testing ideas, the hackathon created an environment for increasing mutual understanding between partners from different fields such as broadcasting, media research and software development.