Popup exhibitions in 10 European cities

    Noterik is proudly part of a small consortium that won a tender for an exciting new project that will be creating interactive popup exhibitions in ten European cities in 2019, to promote the participation of European citizens in their cultural heritage. The technical foundation of the exhibitions is Noterik’s tool MuPop, that is eminently suited to combine digital and physical into one interactive experience. The project and content coordination will be done by KU Leuven and the Photoconsortium will take care of the network and exhibition coordination.

    REvivEU is a project financed by the EU in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The objective is to realise a series of pop-up exhibitions across 2019 in various European cities, to celebrate the diversity of European cultural heritage and to empower citizens in a more participative approach to cultural heritage. The exhibitions will be co-created joining institutional cultural heritage with crowdsourced stories and personal items. Each exhibition will be mixed physical-digital and highly interactive for the visitors, including a contest for the best cultural items presented in the exhibitions. The most voted crowdsourced item in each city will grant the holder a trip to Brussels for participating in the final event of REvivEU.  REvivEU.. it’s our history too!