Partnership with Motivaction

    Noterik is happy to announce its partnership with well-known research company Motivaction. They are now our second launching customer, using our tool QANDR in the focus groups that they regularly organise as part of their qualitative research proposition. We are excited about the opportunities for both Motivaction and Noterik, to further tailor the product to the requirements in the field and provide real added value.

    Group discussions are an integral part of everybody’s working environment but organising them effectively can be a real challenge. Groups larger than 5 people have the tendency to become inefficient as participants have to wait their turn to speak and it is hard to get a quick overview of the different opinions in the room. The traditional verbal conversational flow triggers only the sense of hearing while people could also use their eyes to comprehend the dimensions of a topic and intuitively use fingers movements to express their opinion. Allowing participants to instantly show their point of view radically improves the dynamics of the meeting.

    That is the strength that QANDR brings to the table for Motivaction, and for any organisation where group discussions play a pivotal role. It provides a disruption of the traditional group meeting dynamics. This applies to small groups, as is the case for Motivaction, but, with a focus on different aspects of the application, can be equally disruptive for larger groups such as university lectures.

    Motivaction is using QANDR as part of its product proposition and has branded it VisualFocus. It is particularly the visual approach that offers the added value.

    The pointing technique offered by QANDR is a method to measure what the gut has to say – as opposed to typing words which is more rational. QANDR stands out by facilitating a more intuitive approach to giving responses.
    Sander Kluiters, Senior strategy consultant – Motivaction

    For more information, take a look at the QANDR product website.