Noterik at IBC2015

    IBC2015 Mecanex

    Noterik has attended the 2015 IBC convention in the Amsterdam RAI from Friday 11th until Tuesday 15th September. We are delighted to have been able to discuss the projects that we have been working on at our poster wall at future zone of the IBC. The event has been a great opportunity to showcase the innovative multi screen technology these projects have enabled us to develop which has led to our QANDR product line.

    The MECANEX project features a toolkit that enables the automatic annotation and editorial support of multimedia content, extraction of personalized information and adaptation of enriched multimedia content in multi-screen environments. The multiscreen toolkit developed by Noterik plays an important role in the the project.

    Just around the corner was the LinkedTV stand, also a project Noterik has worked on for the past years. LinkedTV researches and develops solutions for seamless integration of television and web content, providing an enriched audiovisual experience across devices. This project has recently been awarded with the “excellent rating” by the project reviewers and EC project officer Thomas Kuepper. Noterik has played an important role in the project by developing the multiscreen toolkit. The toolkit is based on HTML5 and provides a framework for rapid building and prototyping of a wide range of multiscreen solutions

    QANDR is our new product built on the multiscreen toolkit platform. The main goal of QANDR is the engagement of audiences. QANDR facilitates this by giving the presenter or moderator the opportunity to push various interactive elements like polls, word clouds and compass graphs to mobile phones in the audience. This allows for real time feedback during presentations. QANDR can be used in many different settings such as congresses, festivals, business meetings and brainstorm sessions.

    IBC2015 was widely agreed to be the most successful yet. Conference delegates from more than 250 top level speakers in a sharply improved environment; exhibition visitors had more than 1,800 vendors to choose from; and everyone enjoyed innovations from a hackfest to a drone zone. The total number of visitors, 55,128 to IBC2015 exceeded the record-breaking attendance in 2014. The event found ever more ways to engage with the community, ensuring that everyone who attended joined the debate about the future of electronic media.