MuPop presented at Muzeum@Digit Budapest

    Noterik’s director, Rutger Rozendal, was one of the speakers at the ‘MUZEUM@DIGIT’ International Conference on Digital Cultural Heritage, where he gave a 20 minute presentation on MuPop, the popup museum to professionals and organisations from the fields of culture and ICT.

    The Hungarian National Museum, National Centre of Museological Methodology and Information has organised the  ‘MUZEUM@DIGIT’ International Conference on Digital Cultural Heritage since 2013, with audiences growing by the year. Noterik was pleased to be given the opportunity to present and showcase our MuPop technology.

    Rutger’s presentation allowed the audience to see, hear and touch for themselves how MuPop technology can engage people in digital exhibits. That this is easy to use became obvious as people’s took their smartphones and dots started appearing on the screen before any explanation was given.

    You can view the full presentation here.

    There was also a sample MuPop exhibition installed on a screen in the conference hall, where visitors could try out the technology for themselves.

    We used MuPop at our 5th Muzeum@Digit conference to show moments from previous years. The project went well, the MuPop team was really helpful, and everyone enjoyed watching the memories on a big screen.
    Dóra Szabó, cultural manager,  Hungarian National Museum, OMMIK

    For more information, take a look at the MuPop product website.