Moodboards without scissors or glue

    In its software development, Noterik always endeavours to take customer feedback on board, to ensure that our applications meet an actual need and provide real added value to businesses on a daily basis. This certainly applies to QandR‘s new moodboard module, that replaces the old-school way of making collages (a method widely used in qualitative research) with an instant, fun way to visualise the various moods in the group.

    The moodboard is a co-creation module where respondents use their phone to select images from the web or their camera roll, to create an interactive moodboard together on the central screen. Not only can images be uploaded on the spot, respondents can also be asked to make photo’s before the focus group as ‘homework’ prior to the discussion, and then during the session select them from their camera roll and send them to the board.

    We recently upgraded the moodboard making it possible to add multiple images per respondent, a much requested feature which extends the possibilities of interaction models in QANDR sessions. With this upgrade we are sending you our New Year Wishes in the below movie, showing the interaction of the moodboard when selecting a prepared list of pictures from the camera roll of the phones.

    The moodboard was commissioned by and developed in close collaboration with Motivaction. A lot of QandR functionality is a direct result of their input, and their feedback and that of other users on other aspects such as security, peer-influence, and session management have helped shape QandR into the mature product it is today.

    If you like to try out the moodboard, please request a demo or call Rutger Rozendal on +31 (0)20 2401145.