I&O Research launching customer

    After having done a few pilot projects, Noterik and research company I&O Research have formalised their collaboration. I&O Research will act as launching customer for Noterik’s innovative product QandR, with both parties profiting from each other’s experience and know-how.

    I&O Research has successfully employed QandR in larger groups, like a debate on the Dutch elections in March. However, QandR particularly comes into its own in smaller groups, like the focus groups that I&O Research uses regularly. After having successfully done focus groups pilots, I&O Research and Noterik now want to intensify their partnership and start employing QandR on a regular basis in I&O focus groups, with Noterik initially offering on-location support but sessions soon to be done independently by I&O Research. The QandR dashboard allows for customers to set up sessions themselves. Noterik has also branded the application for I&O Research. The idea is that by using the application in the field, it can be fine-tuned and adapted to requirements by Noterik, making for a better application both for I&O Research and Noterik.

    QandR enables us to make the group discussion more dynamic. It allows the moderator to accommodate a wider range of opinions, by first asking for a response and then for an explanation. People are more evenly given a chance to speak. QandR also renders the discussion more playful, making it more fun for everyone.
    Peter Kanne, senior advisor I&O Research

    For more information, take a look at the QandR product website.