Interactive Wall of Fame Quiz

    During the Dutch Media Week in Hilversum an interactive quiz, powered by Noterik’s MuPop, allowed visitors to test their knowledge of the Dutch media personalities commemorated in Sound and Vision‘s Wall of Fame, compete with others and have fun in the process.

    The building of the Dutch Institute of Sound and Vision features a special wall to honour media personalities that have won lifetime achievement awards: the Wall of Fame. It separates the Atrium and the office floors, and immortalises the likes of John de Mol and Paul de Leeuw, or less well-known figures such as Wim Koole and Theo Reitsma, in a gallery of glass.
    During the Dutch Media Week from 1-10 September, Noterik provided a companion installation to this physical piece of media heritage, the Wall of Fame quiz. An interactive MuPop exhibition in a quiz format, that enabled visitors to test their knowledge of the media personalities, and compete with others in answering a range of questions in response to video clips and other material displayed on-screen. It definitely added an extra dimension to the wall and made if even more awesome!

    For Noterik, it was a good opportunity to test these new quiz formats in a real-life setting, and we used it to query visitors about the experience and how we might improve the format in future incarnations.