Interactive Advertising on an Amsterdam street

    Imagine yourself walking one evening on a busy Amsterdam street, when suddenly a screen in a shop window lights up, inviting you to take a look. And then it turns out that you can use your phone to look at and listen to all the interesting stuff the shop has to offer, and request more info to take away with you. We have brought this very scenario to life with an Interactive Advertising pilot at Baking Lab in Amsterdam.

    For a while now, Noterik’s tool MuPop has been used in mainly cultural settings to setup interactive exhibitions, where visitors can use their phones to interact with content on exhibitions screens. Here at Noterik we quickly saw that this technology carried the promise of a much wider reach: Digital Out-of-home Advertising made interactive.
    Public locations such as billboards, bus stops, and yes, shop windows, could easily be equipped with interactive advertisement, based on the same MuPop principle.


    For the past nine months, Noterik has run a project, partly funded by the Province of Noord-Holland (as part of the MIT-program), to assess the feasibility of commercially deploying this concept. As part of that project, we ran a pilot at Baking Lab. The results were encouraging. An impression of the pilot can be seen in the video below.

    Interactive advertising

    Like what you see? If you are a shop owner and have some interest in trying out this concept in your shop window, do contact us – drop us a line at or call us at +31 (0)20 2401145 (ask for Rutger Rozendal or Joost Baalman).