Even in prison, QANDR comes out on top

    QANDR, Noterik’s versatile tool to generate optimal added value from any type of group discussion, was used by Omniplan to facilitate their annual Young Professionals Network Event. The setting: a converted laundry room of the former Amsterdam prison ‘Bijlmer Bajes’. The topic: sustainable mobility and spatial development. The players: inspiring speakers and a bunch of enthusiastic junior professionals. The lubricant: QANDR’s smooth interactivity (and the drinks at the end).

    Omniplan, managers of spatial development, and experts in connecting partners in an increasingly complex  field, were happy to use QANDR to make this event more interactive. Its various interaction formats actively invite and engage the audience and move the discussion beyond the traditional paradigm of speakers and listeners.
    Everyone involved clearly enjoyed this new, visual way of exploring the various topics, and ranked QANDR among the highlights of the event. Check out how QANDR captured and shaped the event.

    This use case is another example of QANDR successfully venturing out beyond its traditional home of small focus groups – demonstrating that its ability to instantly visualise the combined mood and opinions in the room can also enhance larger group settings. Noterik is continuously refining the tool, in collaboration with its growing customer base. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to know more, see the tool in action, or try it out for yourself.