EUscreen workshop on subtitling

    Noterik participated in organizing a workshop around the theme of translating audiovisual content in London on September 17th. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the following EUscreenXL project partners: Aalto University (Finland), British Universities Film & Video Council (UK), Kungliga Biblioteket (Sweden), and Royal Holloway University of London (UK).

    EUscreenXL continues the work started in the EUscreen project, whose main outcome was the EUscreen portal. The portal provides access to over 40,000 items of TV program content and information, and promotes exploration of Europe’s rich and diverse cultural history. Translating the Euscreen content would  facilitate making wider use of this large and interesting collection.

    International translation experts were invited to the one-day workshop to discuss and develop ideas. Hands on design activities were also done to explore the possibilities of subtitling and other forms of translation in the context of the EUscreen content. We learned a lot about current translation practices, how to inspire people in translation activities and what kind of audiences could make use of translations. The outcomes of the workshop are used in planning the next steps in the portal development.

    EUscreenXL is a three-year project that aggregates a comprehensive body of professional audiovisual content and makes it accessible through Europeana and the EUscreenXL portal. The project consortium consists of 20 leading audiovisual archives, excellent media scholars, skilled technical service providers and the EBU.