Efficient follow-up with QandR

    A much requested feature has now been implemented in QandR: automatic reporting. Right after you have completed your QandR session, and have closed it in the dashboard, QandR will prompt you to generate a PDF with selected slides from your session and view, download or email it. A simple (with lots of work under the bonnet!) but powerful addition that will make reporting your session results even easier.

    After completing a QandR session, researchers or moderators typically want to present sessions results to stakeholders, often in the form of a PDF-report. Up till now this was done by making screenshots in QandR for selected slides, and inserting them in your own report. With this new feature, you are able to select the visuals you want to include, and then generate the PDF on the fly, with the option to view it, download it, or email it to your or any other email address. Check the video below to see the automatic reporting feature at work.

    This new feature is part of our ongoing commitment to optimise QandR in response to customer feedback. We are continuing work on the follow-up after session completion in several ways. We will extend the export so that you can first merge sessions results, and then generate reporting for the combined visuals. Export may at some point include qualitative data such as poll and grading results and the words submitted in word clouds and their frequency. And, we are developing a powerful profiling feature, that will allow you to segment sessions results by participants profiles (age, sex, but also ad hoc profile data such as ‘uses brand X’).

    Please feel free to contact use on info@qandr.eu for these and other features to us, we value your input.