A sense of Wonder

    All real progress starts with a sense of wonder. That insight is the driving force behind research and strategy agency (and new QANDR client) Wonder.  A, well, wonderful group of four ladies that couple expertise with innovation and know all about making brands flourish in rapidly changing consumer markets.

    Noterik is very pleased with the collaboration with this small but dynamic agency, that have taken the possibilities that QANDR has to offer to heart, and are always ready to learn,  try new things and reinvent themselves. Which is pretty much what they have done, by rebranding from Raphaels (already a QANDR client for some time) to Wonder.

    QANDR enables us to instantly, and without peer influence, collect individual insights in a group setting. The tool is intuitive, playful and visual and provides a new way to connect target group and end customer.
    Lotteke van Nimwegen – Wonder Insights & Strategy

    They typically use QANDR’s ability to embed your own images to create seamless presentations, interlaced with interactive QANDR questions. A great way to use QANDR to discard the boredom of the usual PowerPoint presentation and actively engage respondents instead.

    If you are curious about how you, too, can make progress in the way you query and engage your respondents, please request a demo or call Rutger Rozendal on +31 (0)20 2401145.